An example of web design

Taste Buds

White space, clean lines and understated style is the hallmark of everything we design at We Make Media, and the new-look Taste Buds website a perfect example of this.

Articles hold the attention of the reader because they are free from distraction. A subtle colour scheme provides coherence without overpowering the content, and a fresh font completes the look.

As proud as we are of the aesthetics, the real magic is behind the scenes of this feature-rich website. From email newsletters that create and send themselves, to recipes that ‘know‘ when they are in season – the Taste Buds website is full of tailor-made functionality to minimise the time needed to run it.

The site is easier than ever to navigate, with clear and specific sections. The site is large, with more than 700 pages, but each page can be reached within three clicks.

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